Toolbar / Command Bar


New: Opens a new project while closing the current.

Open: Prompts user to select a file to open. Applicable files include Project(.ttp), Calibration(.cal), Take(.tak), Rigid Body(.tra), Skeleton(.skl) and Wanding Timeline(.tim).

Save Project: Saves and overwrites the current project file.

Save Project As: Prompts the user to select a project filename and save location.

Import Tracking Data: Imports Arena PT2 formatted tracking data files(.pt2).

Export Tracking Data: Exports selected tracking data(.pt2) to a desired location.

Export Camera Calibration: Exports the current system calibration file(.cal) to a desired location.

Export Take: Exports selected take file(.tak) to a desired location.

Export Rigid Bodies: Exports selected rigid body assets(.tra) to a desired location.

Export Skeletons: Exports selected skeleton assets(.skl) to a desired location.

Export Video: Exports reference video to an AVI file. To play this file in Windows Media Player, a codec needs to be installed.

Recent Files: Displays a list a recently opened files.

Exit: Closes the Motive application.


Undo: S

Redo: S

Application Settings: S

Reset Application Defaults: S


Hide All Panes: S

Cameras: S

Devices: S

Project: S

Camera Calibration: S

Edit Tools: S

Timeline: S

Joint Angle Recorder: S

Data Streaming: S

Rigid Body Properties: S

Skeletons: S

Reconstruction Properties: S

Status Log: S

Dockable Viewports: S

Toolbar: S

Status Bar: S


Calibrate: S

Create: S

Capture: S

Edit: S


Volume Accuracy Tools: S

Synchronization: S


Ask A Question: S

Tutorial & Training Videos: S

Submit Feedback: S

OptiTrack Products Catalog: S

Support Forums: S


Topic Index: S

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Check For Updates: S

Show Quick Start: S

Startup News Check: S

Licence Folder: S

About Motive: S