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Toolbar / Command Bar


New Opens a new project while closing the current.

Open Prompts user to select a file to open. Applicable files include Project(.ttp), Calibration(.cal), Take(.tak), Rigid Body(.tra), Skeleton(.skl) and Wanding Timeline(.tim).

Save Project Saves and overwrites the current project file.

Save Project As Prompts the user to select a project filename and save location.

Import Tracking Data Imports Arena PT2 formatted tracking data files(.pt2).

Export Tracking Data Exports selected tracking data(.pt2) to a desired location.

Export Camera Calibration Exports the current system calibration file(.cal) to a desired location.

Export Take Exports selected take file(.tak) to a desired location.

Export Rigid Bodies Exports selected rigid body assets(.tra) to a desired location.

Export Skeletons Exports selected skeleton assets(.skl) to a desired location.

Export Video Exports reference video to an AVI file. To play this file in Windows Media Player, a codec needs to be installed.

Recent Files Displays a list a recently opened files.

Exit Closes the Motive application.


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