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Upper Extremity Markers
Labels Related Segment Anatomical Location Placement Description
LCAJ (LA[1]) Thorax Left Clavicle-Acromion Joint Ask the subject to stretch both arms towards the side (T-pose), then palpate top of each shoulder for the protruding bone. The prominence is usually located at the end of the corresponding clavicle bone just before where the upper arm starts.
RCAJ (RA[1]) Thorax Right Clavicle-Acromion Joint
LHLE Upper Arm Left Humerus Lateral Epicondyle Placed the markers on the lateral side of the elbow axis. Flex and extend the arm few times to find where elbow axis is located.
RHLE Upper Arm Right Humerus Lateral Epicondyle
LHME* Upper Arm Left Humerus Medial Epicondyle Place on the medial side of the elbow axis. Ask the subject to flex and extend the arm while placing the markers.
RHME* Upper Arm Right Humerus Medial Epicondyle
LUA Upper Arm Left Upper Arm Ask the subject to stand in T-pose while placing the marker. Palpate to find the groove between the triceps muscles where skin movements are relatively minimal.
RUA Upper Arm Right Upper Arm
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