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Torso Markers
Labels Related Segment Anatomical Location Additional Description
SJN (IJ[1]) Thorax Sternum Jugular Notch Top most section of the sternum. Place the marker on the center of the two clavicle bones.
SXS (PX[1]) Thorax Sternum Xiphoid Process Lowest section of the sternum. Place the marker 1-2 cm above where bottom of the two rib cages conjoin.
CV7 (C7[1]) Thorax Cervical Spine Vertebra 7 The 7th cervical spine vertebra is the largest vertebra located at the most inferior region of the neck. This section usually protrudes to the posterior side and can be palpated.
TV2 (T2[1]) Thorax Thoracic Spine Vertebra 2 The second thoracic spine vertebra is located three spine levels below the C7 vertebra. Which is located approximately at same height with shoulder joint markers.
TV7 (T7[1]) Thorax Thoracic Spine Vertebra 7 Usually located at the center of the thoracic spinal column.
LHGT Upper Arm / Shoulder Left Glenohumeral Joint Place the marker on the posterior side of the shoulder axis. Ask the subject to posture in T-pose while placing the markers.
RHGT Upper Arm /Shoulder Right Glenohumeral Joint
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