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Waist Markers
Note that the waist markers are the key markers in modeling the pelvis bone, which is the major segment governing the other subsequent skeleton segments. For best results, avoid placing the waist markers in a rectangle shape. When tracking multiple actors with similar proportions, introduce an offset to one of the WaistBack marker, or the WaistCMarker (included only with the 13 additional markerset), to create an asymmetrical arrangements.
Label Related Segment Description
WaistLFront Pelvis Placed the marker on the protruding bone located on the front of the pelvis (left/right anterior iliac spine bone). The prominence can be palpated from left and right side of the waist.
WaistRFront Pelvis
WaistLBack Pelvis Place the WaistLBack and WaistRBack markers above left/right hip; about 10 cm above the hip joint.
WaistRBack Pelvis