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Hand Markers
For best results, place the hand markers so that the shape of the marker arrangement is asymmetrical itself and also unique to the shape on the other hand. Since the wrist marker placement is fixed along the wrist axis, offset the HandOut or the HandIn markers to create the unique arrangements. For more robust and simple tracking, hand rigid-bodies can be attached on the hand to replace the markers and guarantee the asymmetrical and non-deforming marker placement.
Label Related Segment Description
LWristOut Fore Arm / Hand Place the marker on the outside (lateral side) of the wrist axis. (distal end of the radius bone). Note that the wrist axis is not always located on the protruding bone but 1-2 cm more towards the hand.
RWristOut Fore Arm / Hand
LWristIn Fore Arm / Hand Place the marker on the inner prominence (medial side) of the wrist axis (distal end of the ulnar bone).
RWristIn Fore Arm / Hand
LHandOut Hand Place the marker slightly below the pinky knuckle. More specifically, between distal end of the fifth and fourth mertacarpal bones.
RHandOut Hand