Sync Mode: Selects between OptiSync and Wired Sync.

Internal Sync Freq (Hz): Controls the frequency in Hertz (Hz) of the OptiHub's internal sync generator. This option is only valid if Sync Input: Source is selected to be internal sync. Valid range is 8 to 100.

Global Sync Offset (us): Controls the delay in microseconds (us) between the chosen sync source and when the cameras are actually told to expose. This is a global system delay that is independent of, and in addition to, an individual camera's exposure delay setting. Valid range is 0 to 65862us.

Source: Selects a source for the sync trigger.

USB Sync-In Control: Only available if Source is set to USB. Allows the user to allow or block trigger events generated by the internal sync control. This option has been deprecated for use in the GUI. Valid options are: Gate-Open and Gate-Closed.

External Input Trigger: Only available if source is set to External Sync. Selects the type of input source.

Input Divider: Only available if Source is set to External Sync. Allows a triggering rate compatible with the camera frame rate to be derived from higher frequency input signals (e.g. 300Hz decimated down to 100Hz for use with a V100:R2 camera). Valid range is 1 (no decimation) to 15 (every 15th trigger signal generates a frame).

Pulse Type: Selects the condition and timing for the pulse to be sent out over the External Sync Out jack.

Polarity: Selects output polarity of External Sync Out signal. Valid options are: Active High, Active Low.

Take Snapshot: Only available if Source is set to USB. Used to generate a one-time trigger event which will cause the cameras to expose and transfer a single frame.


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