Status Log

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In Motive, the Status Log pane can be accessed under the View tab or by clicking the Tb18.png icon on the main toolbar.

The Status Log pane logs important events or statuses of the system operation. Currently occurring events get listed under the Current section and all of the events get logged under the History section for the record. The log can be exported StatusLog Export.png into a text file for troubleshooting references.

In general, when there are no errors in the system operation, the Current section of the log will remain free of warning Warning.png or error Error.png messages. Occasionally during system operations, however, the error/warning messages (e.g. Dropped Frame, Discontinuous Frame ID) may pop-up momentarily and disappear afterward. This could occur when Motive is changing its configurations; for example, when switching between Live and Edit modes or when re-configuring the synchronization settings. This is a common behavior, and this does not necessarily indicate system errors as long as the messages do not persist in the Current section. If the error message is continuously persisting under the Current section or have a high number of event counts, it is indicating an issue with the system operation.

Symbol Convention
  • Info.png : Informational
  • Warning.png : Warning
  • Error.png : Error

  • Status messages indicating frame drop in the system.
  • Status messages indicating detected force plate devices.

Status Messages

Note: Not all status messages are listed in here.

Symbol Message Description
Info.png Camera Calibration Updated ( {#} mm/ray mean error) Continuation calibration feature has updated and improve the camera calibration.
Info.png Plugin Device Created: {Name} The plugin device object for an external device (e.g. force plate and NIDAQ) has been successfully created.
Info.png Plugin Device Registered: {Name} The plugin device has been registered in Motive.
Info.png Loaded Plugin: {Directory} Plugin DLL in the {Directory} has been loaded.
Info.png Streaming: Duplicate Frame Notifying that a duplicate frame has been sent out through the data stream.
Info.png Streaming: Discontinuous Frame ID. Notifying that the streamed frame ID was discontinuous.
Info.png Network client connect request received. A NatNet client application has requested to connect to the server application, Motive.
Info.png Network client disconnect request received. A NatNet client application has has requested to disconnect from the server application, Motive.
Info.png Network client validation request received. A NatNet client application is requesting validation in order to connect to the server application, Motive.
Warning.png CAM Camera #: Not Receiving Frame Data. Indicates that the Camera (#) is not receiving frame data. This could be just because the cameras are still waiting to be initialized. If this status persists, it is like due to a hardware problem.
Warning.png CAM Camera #: Packet Header CRC Fail Error in the received camera data packet.
Warning.png CAM Synchronization: Invalid Packet Received Invalid packet was received.
Warning.png CAM Synchronization: Packet Header CRC Fail Error in the received synchronization data packet.
Warning.png CAM Synchronization: Packet Length Fail Received packet length invalid
Error.png CAM Camera #: Dropped Frame The received frame was invalid and it was dropped.
Error.png CAM Synchronization: Dropped Frame Data synchronization failed and the frame has been dropped.