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The tables under the Properties pane displays properties information based on the selected Asset in the Motive. When an asset is selected, corresponding properties will be displayed at the bottom of the Pane. For properties for the tracking assets (rigid bodies and skeletons) are specific to the selected asset. Default properties for newly created assets can be configured in the Application Settings, Skeleton Pane, or Rigid Bodies Pane.

Take properties shown at the bottom of the Project pane when a Take is selected.

Properties: Take

When a Take is selected from the Project pane, related information will be displayed under properties. For Motive 1.10 and above, details of the calibration results can be revisited from a recorded Take. Select a Take in the Project pane, and related calibration results will be displayed under the properties section. This feature is available only for Takes recorded in Motive 1.10 and above.

Name: Take name.

File: The location of the take file on your hard drive.

Assets: List of all assets (Skeletons, rigid bodies, etc.) associated with the take.

Capture Start Time: The time when the selected take was captured.

Time Range: The beginning and ending timestamps for the take.

Time Duration: Total length of the take (in seconds).

Frame Rate: The camera frame rate in which the take was captured. The Take file will contain corresponding number of frames for each second.

Total Frames: Total number of frames in the take.

Calibration Time Stamp: Shows when the cameras were calibrated.

Residual Mean Error: Shows mean residual offset value during calibration.

Reisdual 50/95/99 Percentile Error: Displays percentile distribution of the residual errors.

Wand Mean Error: Displays a mean error value of the detected wand length samples throughout the wanding process.

Wand 50/95/99: Displays percentile distribution of the wand errors.

Calibration Wand: Shows what type of wand was used: Standard, Active, or Micron series.

Wand Length: Displays the length of the calibration wand used for the capture.

Wand Center Offset: Distance from one of the end markers to the center marker, specifically the shorter segment.

Best: Marks the best take. Takes that are marked as best can also be accessed via Motive Batch Processor scripts.

Notes: Comments regarding the take can be noted here for additional information.

Recorded in Version: Displays the version of Motive that the selected Take was recorded in.

Properties:Rigid Bodies

When a rigid body asset is selected, each tab on the properties section can be used to configure the Rigid Body Properties for the selected asset. Furthermore, transformation and Real-time information of the rigid body and the involved markers can also be monitored in this pane. See also the Rigid Body Properties page for descriptions on the settings.

ProjectPane RB.png ProjectPane RB Transform.png ProjectPane RB Real.png}}


Here, comments can be added to the selected skeletons. Display tab is used to configure the Skeleton Properties for the selected asset. See also the Skeleton Properties page for descriptions on the settings.