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===Options for Takes===
===Options for Takes===
[[File:ProjPane3.png|thumb|left|Project Pane with detail for take options]]
[[File:ProjPane3.png|thumb|left|Project Pane with detail for take options]]

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Options for Takes

Project Pane with detail for take options

Name: Take name.

File: The location of the take file on your hard drive.

Assets: All assets (Skeletons, rigid bodies, etc.) associated with the take.

Time Range: The beginning and ending timestamps for the take.

Duration: Total length of the take (in seconds).

Frames: Total number of frames in the take.

Take Context Menu

Project Pane take context menu, which appears when right clicking on any given take in the asset manager.

Make Current: Selects the current take and loads it for playback or editing.

Rename Take: Allows the current take to be renamed.

Trajectorize: Bakes the assets to the marker data to create a usable 3D take. Trajectorizing is requried in order to edit or export skeleton or rigid body data.

Trajectorize All Takes: Trajectorizes all 2D data currently loaded to create 3D takes.

Record Joint Angles: Solves marker data to joint angles (skeletal data) for the selected take.

Record Joint Angles All Takes: Solves marker data to joint angles (skeletal data) for all takes with existing 3D point data.

Export Tracking Data: Opens the Export dialogue window to select and initiate file export. Valid formats for export are CSV, C3D, FBX, BVH.

Export Video: Opens the export dialogue window to initiate scene video export to AVI.

Show File Location: Opens an explorer window to the current asset path. This can be helpful when backing up, transferring, or exporting data.

Delete Trajectorized Data: Permanently deletes the 3D data from the take. This option is useful in the event trajectorization or editing causes damage to the data.

Delete Joint Angle Data: Permanently deletes the joint angle data from the take.

Archive Take: Archives the original take file and creates a duplicate version, minus any 2D data. Archiving a take will reduce size of the active take file while preserving the 2D camera data in a backup sub-directory for later use, if necessary.

Close Take: Closes the take and removes it from the project pane.

Delete Take Permanently: Opens a dialogue box to confirm permanent deletion of the take and all associated 2D, 3D, and Joint Angle Data from the computer. This option cannot be undone.