Motive Hotkeys

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Hotkeys in Motive can be customized from the Hotkey Editor pane under the Edit tab

Motive Default Hotkey settings
Fuction Default Hotkey
New Project CTRL + N
Open CTRL + O
Save Project CTRL + S
Save Project As CTRL + Shift + S
Export Tracking Data CTRL + Shift + Alt + S
Undo Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Alt+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z
Calibrate Layout Ctrl+1
Create Layout Ctrl+2
Capture Layout Ctrl+3
Edit Layout Ctrl+4
Custom Layout [1...] Ctrl+[5...9], Shift[1...9]
Perspective View Pane (3D)
Follow Selected G
Zoom to Fit Selection F
Zoom to Fit All Shift + F
Create Rigid Body From Selected Ctrl+T
Reset Tracking Crtl+R
Jog Timeline J or Alt + Left Click
Project Pane
Remove Session Delete
Create Empty Take Insert
Remove From Project (Take) Delete
paste shots as empty take from clipboard Ctrl+V
Timeline Pane
Toggle Live/Edit Mode ~
Again+ %+
Record Space
Rewind (Jump To First Frame) Ctrl + Left Arrow
PageTimeBackward (Ten Frames) Down Arrow
StepTimeBackward (One Frame) Left Arrow
StartStopPlayback (Play/Pause) Space
StepTimeForward (One Frame) Right Arrow
PageTimeForward (Ten Frames) Up Arrow
FastForward (Jump to Last Frame) Ctrl + Right Arrow
Editor - Delete Selected Keys Delete
Show All Shift + F
Frame To Selected F
Zoom to Fit All Shift + F
Labeling Mode - ToogleQuickSelect D
Reference View Pane
Zoom to Fit All Shift + F