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*Motive UI Pages
*Motive UI Pages
**Application Settings|Application Settings pane
**Application Settings|Application Settings pane
**Calibration Pane|Calibration pane
**Calibration pane|Calibration pane
**Command Bar|Command Bar
**Command Bar|Command Bar
**Data Streaming Pane|Data Streaming pane
**Control Deck|Control Deck
**Device Connections pane|Device Connections pane
**Data Management pane|Data Management pane
**Data Streaming pane|Data Streaming pane
**Devices pane|Devices pane
**Devices pane|Devices pane
**Edit Tools Pane|Edit Tools pane
**Edit Tools Pane|Edit Tools pane
**Joint Angle Recorder|Joint Angle Recorder
**Graph View pane|Graph View pane
**Labeling Pane|Labeling pane
**Labeling pane|Labeling pane
**Markerset pane|Markerset pane
**Markerset pane|Markerset pane
**Reconstruction|Reconstruction pane
**Rigid Body pane|Rigid Body pane
**Rigid Body Properties|Rigid Body Properties
**Skeleton pane|Skeleton pane
**Skeleton pane|Skeleton pane
**Synchronization|Synchronization pane
**Synchronization pane|Synchronization pane
**Timeline Pane|Timeline pane
**Data Management pane|Data Management pane
**Status Panel|Status Panel
**Status Panel|Status Panel

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    • Data Management pane|Data Management pane
    • Data Streaming pane|Data Streaming pane
    • Devices pane|Devices pane
    • Edit Tools Pane|Edit Tools pane
    • Graph View pane|Graph View pane
    • Labeling pane|Labeling pane
    • Markerset pane|Markerset pane
    • Rigid Body pane|Rigid Body pane
    • Skeleton pane|Skeleton pane
    • Synchronization pane|Synchronization pane
    • Timeline|Timeline
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