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OptiTrack Wiki

Welcome to the OptiTrack Documentation Wiki (Motive version 2.1).

This wiki contains instructions on operating OptiTrack motion capture systems. If you are new to the system, start with the Quick Start Guides to begin your capture experience. In addition to the quick start guides, there are also pages focused on specific workflows that provides more details. The Hardware Setup document page links to workflow pages on setting up and configuring the camera system. The Motive Documentation page links to workflow pages on specific pipelines and features offered in Motive. Lastly, the Page References page lists out all of the pages that are included within the Wiki.

You can navigate through pages using links in the sidebar or using links included within the pages. You can also use the search bar provided on the top-right corner to search for page names and keywords that you are looking for. If you have any questions that are not documented in this wiki or from other provided documentation, please check our forum or contact our Support for further assistance.

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Quick Start Guide

If you are new to the system, start reading through this guide and go through the most basic workflows. The Quick Start Guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you familiarize using the OptiTrack Motion Capture system on various applications. Tutorial videos are also available for basic workflows.

Page References

To view all of the available pages in this wiki, go to the Documentation Reference page.

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