Information for Assembling the Active Tags

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Page Scope

This page provides additional information on assembling the Active Tags. This includes the power requirements and the type of Pin Out connectors used and additional details on the IR LEDs. The assembly of the Tags and the LEDs are relatively straightforward as you just need to connect the wires to correct cathode/anode terminals. Please read through the below information to understand which end is the cathode and anode ends, and connect the wires correspondingly.

ActiveTag Assembled.png

Usage Notes

  • Use only 3.7V Lithium polymer batteries
  • 3.3 - 5.0V inputs for micro and alternate USB connectors.
  • Recommended to use the LEDs that are provided directly from us.
  • Other LEDs must work within the following specifications: 1.5 < VLED < 2.5 and ILEDMAX = 100mA

Pin Out Connector

The following connectors from Molex are used on the Tags to connect the IR LEDs. Please search the corresponding part number on their website for specific information.

ActiveTag Connector.png


The longer leg on the LED is the cathode of this LED. As shown in the image below, The flat spot can also be referenced to indicate the cathode of this LED. Always remember this flat spot for these black LEDs, and connect the black wire (negative) when using red/black wire pairs.

ActiveMarker IRLED.png