Data Export: BVH

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Motive can export tracking data in BioVision Hierarchy (BVH) file format. Exported BVH files do not include individual marker data. Instead, a selected skeleton is exported using hierarchical segment relationships. In a BVH file, the 3D location of a primary skeleton segment (Hips) is exported, and data on subsequent segments are recorded by using joint angles and segment parameters. Only one skeleton is exported for each BVH file, and it contains the fundamental skeleton definition that is required for characterizing the skeleton in other pipelines.

BVH Export Options
Option Description
Units Sets the length units to use for exported data.
Skeleton Set this to the name of the skeleton to be exported.
Single Joint Torso When this is set to true, there will be only one skeleton segment for the torso. When set to false, there will be extra joints on the torso, above the hip segment.
Hands Downward Sets the exported skeleton base pose to use hands facing downward.
MotionBuilder Names Sets the name of each skeletal segment according to the bone naming convention used in MotionBuilder.

DataExport MobuNaming.png DataExport BVH.png
MotionBuilder BVH Segments Hierarchy and Naming Conventions