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The Trackables pane can be accessed under the View tab or by clicking the Toolbar RigidBody .png icon on the main toolbar.


The Trackable pane is used for creating trackable models in Motive. In common applications, rigid body models are created for tracking rigid objects, and skeleton models are created for tracking human motions. This page goes over each option in the Trackables pane.

These trackable models, also called trackable assets, store marker placement information of the target object that will be tracked. Then these models are used to automatically apply a set of predefined labels to 3D points using the labeling algorithms. Once the 3D points are labeled, Motive can process the dataset to calculate the position and orientation of the corresponding rigid bodies or skeleton segments. Then, both rigid body and skeleton tracking data can be sent to other pipelines (e.g. animations and biomechanics) for extended applications.

The trackable models can be used to auto-label 3D points both in Live mode (real-time) and in the Edit mode (post-processing). If new skeletons or rigid bodies are created during post-processing, the Take will need to be auto-labeled again in order to apply the changes to the 3D data.

  • a rigid body in Motive with auto-labeled markers
  • a skeleton in Motive with auto-labeled markers

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