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The Trackables pane can be accessed under the View tab or by clicking the Toolbar_RigidBody_.png icon on the main toolbar. The Trackable pane is used for creating trackable models, rigid bodies and skeletons, in Motive. These trackable models, also known as asset definitions, are used for auto-labeling the reconstructed 3D marker, and from these models, Motive can derive 6 degrees of freedom (6 DoF) data from a set of 3D points both in the Live mode (real-time) and in the Edit mode (post-processing). This page goes over each option in the Trackables pane.


Rigid Body: Create

Rigid Body: Edit


Probe Calibration


OptiTrack Clip Tool

External Pivot Alignment

Spherical Pivot Placement

Skeleton: Create

Skeleton: Edit